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Zombie Areas is an adventure shooter game. Become a hero and destroy all zombies. You have 13 different missions and tasks to complete.Time to be brave.Accomplish all your missions. Find better guns, defend friend and unlock free mode !


Category: Action

Played 355 times

Tags: None


CHARACTER *WASD* = control *space*=jump *r*=reload weapon *1* *2* *3* *4* *5*= changing weapon(or mouse scrool) *L* = Light on/off *shift* = run *left mouse* = attack *right mouse* = scope CAR *WASD* = control *space* = brake *L* = Light on/off *E* = Enter/Exit Helicopter *WASD* = control *Shift* = press and hold to lift up *Space* = press and hold to brake *E*= Enter/Exit

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